Bob McWhirter has always believed in the power of the law to protect our rights and serve justice. For over 30 years, Bob has done exactly that as a nationally recognized Constitutional scholar, a highly successful defense attorney, and an award-winning author and expert on immigration law and the Bill of Rights. Bob has dedicated his life to strengthening democracy and ensuring the law is applied fairly, regardless of someone’s politics or zip code. 


Bob has been on the frontlines – standing up for justice, taking on extremist bullies like Andrew Thomas and Joe Arpaio who tormented our communities of color. He has stood up to Donald Trump and his allies trying to exploit our judicial system and overturn elections just because they didn’t like the outcome.  


“As Attorney General, I’ll work to end the politicization of this office, defend our Constitution, follow the law, and keep people safe. You can count on me to fiercely protect our elections, the rights of women to make their own health care decisions, and stand up for vulnerable victims.  I’ll expand the power of the office to prosecute consumer fraud scams, protect the civil rights of our communities of color, and end public corruption. And I will always fight to protect our democracy and stand up to the bullies who try to exploit our judicial system and overturn elections. Donald Trump and his cronies’ shenanigans will end on my watch.” – Bob McWhirter


I'm Running For Arizona Attorney General

Here's Why:

  • I will fight for the right to vote and every vote to be counted! I will protect Arizona's electoral integrity from those who would subvert our democracy.


  • I believe the Attorney General should fight for the rights of every Arizona not their cheap political ambitions.


  • I believe in fighting for the issues people are concerned about when they sit at their kitchen table and look at their bills – I will fight against consumer fraud, health care fraud, elder abuse, and hospice care abuse.


  • I believe the Attorney General's job is to make us safe from crime. I will fight for criminal justice reform to make us safer, while protecting us and saving taxpayer dollars.


  • I will fight to preserve and protect a woman's reproductive freedoms, especially their right to choose. I will never allow the Attorney General's office to prosecute a woman or her doctor for exercising those freedoms.